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Hello! I'm Martha


Thank you for showing interest in us as public relations professionals. On this page you will find information about our skills, knowledge and experience in the field of public relations.


Martha Villar is and has been a woman of profound vision, which she showed since her beginnings in her country of origin, the Dominican Republic, where she began to show aptitude and passion for design and interior decoration, which led her to the serious world of fashion and gave her the impetus to launch her first textile company, ANGIE FASHION in New York City; From there she supplied fine clothing to large chain stores such as Sears and J.C Penney.  After some time, she moved her company to Mexico City and a year later she relocated to the City of Providence Rhode Island where she formed Gennesis Boutique.

Since 2012 she has produced major Fashion events. Spring Colors Fashion Show based in Rhode Island and Madrid-Spain. Her foundation is Spring Colors Future. It is dedicated to the development of training of children and adolescents. Not to mention her Public Relations agency, where she serves as Public Relations Officer for great Designers such as the outstanding Designers Giannina Azar, Claudia Zuleta, celebrity stylists, and some personalities from the entertainment world.


Her dedication and professionalism have led her to participate in the most renowned Fashion Weeks in different parts of the world. Martha Villar is a Publicist, Producer, and Director of Logistics for events and companies.


* Fashion show producer
* Fashion show stylist consultant
* Image management and branding
* Media relations
* Advertising coordination
* Blog writer
* Content drafting
* Market research
* Fashion products sales specialist
* Promotional campaigns
* Customer service-focused
* Social media / Facebook, Instagram...
* Media influencer


Spring Colors fashion show USA production
Spring Colors fashion show SPAIN
New York Fashion Week
RD Fashion Week


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